Blue World Real Estate - Investments, Development, Residential, Commercial
Blue World Real Estate invests in Real Estate throughout the nation with a focus on the Southern California market.  We specialize in residential real estate investing, as well as office and commercial/multi-family properties.

Whether investing in properties directly or by partnering, we have expertise in finding investment opportunities, operating and improving properties, and increasing property value. Programs include distressed properties requiring rehabilitation, value-add multi-family properties, and opportunistic strategies.

Currently, we are seeking to acquire Single Family Houses needing rehabilitation, as well as value-ad Multi-Family properties.  Also, we are targeting Mixed-Use Properties with a residential and retail makeup, as well as development opportunities.

Blue World Real Estate

Our commitment to service and integrity reflects the core values put in place 15 years ago by Blue World Real Estate Group.
Blue World Real Estate is comprised of real estate and management professionals with extensive experience in all facets of the industry. We focus on delivering timely and cost-effective real estate solutions that add value for our clients.
 Corporate Responsibility is fundamental to the business strategy of our firm, our clients, and the key stakeholders in the communities and companies in which we invest – not only because it makes good business sense, but also because it is the right thing to do.
 Simply, we at all times operate with the greatest integrity and professionalism, remembering that our practice is client-focused and client-driven. We will always remember that our clients come first. 


Real Estate Investing 100
Real Estate Development 100
Rehab 100
Multi-family Housing 100

Meet Our Team

Frederick Sanchez
Frederick SanchezReal Estate Investor and Developer
Frederick oversees all operations of the company and our real estate portfolio.  Frederick is responsible for various financial elements of the company’s business, including financial structuring, the management of debt strategies, liquidity management, and helping to ensure that the Company’s investments are performing at optimal levels. Frederick strives for excellence in quality and customer service satisfaction.  
Marlena Baldonado
Marlena BaldonadoReal Estate Professional
Marlena Baldonado’s true mission and ambition will always be to deal with our clients in the highest level of professionalism. She always leads with integrity and honesty, in effort to foster trust and build lasting relationships. Marlena Baldonado continues to be the source our clients can count on.
John Ferrigno
John FerrignoTech Developer and Research
John Ferrigno continues to exhibit his command of financial, technology and administrative matters.  His focus is staying on top of research and technology in the real estate industry.